This is Your Brain on Frozen Hash Browns


Sunday brunch: “Egg bake.” Made with frozen hash browns (not made by a 25 cents per hour employee, shredding whole potatoes), grey ham, and overcooked eggs. Inedible. A packaged blueberry muffin, even though the facility has all equipment necessary for a fully functioning bakery.

Hell, they could even teach people how to bake. Then they could use that knowledge on the outside to be a productive member of society.

Canned “tropical” fruit. A bowl of water (aka oatmeal), a small container of apple juice that was still frozen, and milk. On the container of milk there is a slogan. We use it a lot around here. “You can taste the difference.” It’s true.

Please do not buy a pillow from Pillow King (not its real name) based on the commercial you may have seen on TV. Just so you know, they are made here in our prison, by people making roughly $1 an hour. I suppose some could say that’s better than outsourcing…but is it? They pay for slave labor. We get no stock options. The prison gets the money. Money they don’t have to use to pay our cost of confinement. Nope, you are all still paying that. Ugh. I’m sure my information is wrong. I’m done on the subject.

Every day getting closer to boot camp scares me. Every day I feel as if I do not want to go. True, it will save me 18 months of prison time. But I don’t think I can make it through all of the physical activity. I’ve not come close to running over a mile. I’ve only run a mile two times in a month and a half. I haven’t done one push up since I arrived. And I have absolutely no desire to do the tape. None.

I also think I’m afraid of what will happen when I’m released. I don’t have a home, a car, any money, no clothes. Nothing. It’s all provided for me here. I hate my brain. I sometimes doubt its decision making.

[ANNE: I checked into Pillow King, and they have a deal going where you pay only $115 for two.  A hundred and fifteen dollars for two pillows?  Are they stuffed with down from the golden goose or what?]

2 thoughts on “This is Your Brain on Frozen Hash Browns

  1. Sarah Montgomery

    Hello! I have just started reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. I don’t read much due to a lack of time, but I will now make it a point to read your blog.


  2. sonniq

    This is a very interesting take on the mother/son relationship of someone in prison. It’s unfortunate there are so many people in this situation. Look up M.I.S.S. on google. There is a forum for mother and sons in prison. There are a lot of reference links there. You can also go to – although he is only my “adopted” son, he is the father of one of my grandsons. I’ve been writing to him for 9 years. Most people have no idea what prisons are really used for. Locking up criminals is only one reason.



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