Knock Knock


December 19, 2013, sometime just before midnight

As evidenced by the fact that Katie had called for a ride from a boyfriend, I came to the conclusion that she still had no desire to sleep with me.  What I didn’t know, was how her ride would change everything in our lives forever.

December 20, 2013, just after midnight

Katie says her ride is outside the hotel.  We say good-bye.  Thirty seconds later, pounding on my door.  She’s back.  The car and occupants that came to pick her up are surrounded by police, she tells me.  I turn on the police scanner I have downloaded on my phone.  First thing I hear is, “…at the Super 8 South.”  Shit, that was here.  I knew I had all the shite hidden from view but that was all I remember thinking about.

Katie gets a call.  It’s her ride. He says he’s been pulled over.  What we don’t know is that he had told the officers that Katie had a D.O.C. warrant, was in Room 141, and she had meth.

Five minutes pass.


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