Boy of Summer


August 4, 2014

Twenty-eight full days in St. Cloud prison.  I don’t feel cured yet.  But I’m working on it.  I have applied for every available job, college class, and early release program.  No reply.  But I have a lot of time.  I am clearly going to need to work on patience.  If I try to make things move faster than they do, I will become frustrated and I need to work on letting other make my decisions for a while.  See if that makes me better.  I hope it does.  Twenty-eight days down, 1,472 to go.  Yep, I’ve got time.

Another Monday, another day without mail.  Mail is the high point of the day for any offender.  Our link to the outside world.  No matter.  Today, and two more times this week, I get to go to the ball diamond.  To elaborate, it’s more than a ball diamond.  The outdoor rec area consists of the diamond, a football field, a soccer field, a ropes course, two handball courts, two full length basketball courts, and a perimeter track.

Turns out the ropes course is actually just a bunch of razor wire to prevent escape.  None of the guards laugh when I ask if I can try it out.  Oh, there’s the standard goose-shit-filled pond too.

As it turns out, I’m not as limber, fast, strong, or accurate as I used to be.  However, I’ve always had a pretty easy time with base/soft ball.  Today I went 2 for 3 with two triples that went all the way to the fence.  I had four putouts, and recorded 1 throwing error.  I’ve done quite well in one way or another, every time I go out there.  Every time gaining strength and agility.  I’ll be in shape in no time.  Something has to burn off the 3,300 calories we get her.  We won 13-12.

Best part of today.  I was bored over at 3rd base.  I looked down.  And found an agate.

Agate hunting has been a part of my life for a long time now.  It’s what I spent my time doing the last few days of my freedom.  I tell you what.  Walking into a courtroom knowing you won’t be leading.  Knowing you may never see certain people.  Knowing the Judge will look down on you and say you’re going away for four years.  Is tough.  I knew after my court appearance on June 18, 2014 that all those things would happen 8 days later.  Given another chance, I would have used those days more wisely.  Instead I smoked more meth.

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