Cho Mo


Today I was supposed to get my indigent canteen order.  It didn’t show.  It would have contained necessary hygiene items and two envelopes.  The weekly allotment.  So for now I will continue to write, and stink.  Oh Shit.  It would also have contained the paper and pens with which I could have continued to write.  So. I will do what I can.  My roommate gave me some soap and toothpaste to get me by. But it is prison, so now I have to blow him.  Ha, ha, ha.  Just fuckin’ with ya!

Yesterday there was a fire in the B Annex.  That is the unit next to and slightly above the one I am in.  It is much smaller and houses low risk offenders with jobs.  Apparently it’s true, if you don’t clean out the lint trap regularly, it will start a fire.

Because there was a lot of smoke, we were all hurried into the gym where we sat for about two hours enduring countless head counts and absolutely no air circulation.  Hot.  On the plus side we got to see a cho-mo beat down.

Cho-mo is the term we use to describe the soulless people who have raped, molested, or both, another human being. Because the State of Minnesota protects these people, because of their sexual preference, it is a hate crime to knowingly assault a child molester or rapist.  Fortunately, we have people in here that don’t give a fuck.  I call them heroes, the 25-to-lifers aren’t going anywhere soon.  So they take it upon themselves to punish those people that society does not allow the victims to punish.

To all those out there, victims of torture, rape, molestation, child endangerment, elderly abuse, and worse, we have your back.  Nobody makes it through here.  A simple phone call to the outside with a name.  The internet does the rest.  They only have to use the MN DOC website.

Murderers, life long dealers, thieves, animals.  I live with them all.  And to be truthful, almost everybody here is a decent person.  When pushed to the edge, everybody can snap.  But we all come together to deal with each cho mo.  Usually somebody is selected from the same race to administer punishment.  And it’s not just once.  When they get to their permanent homes, C.S.C.s (Criminal Sexual Conducts) will be extorted, beaten, raped by men, that are otherwise not gay, and in the worst cases, killed or crippled.  So if any of you think they punishment by the law is too light, which it usually is, people here make sure they live here in constant fear.  It seems that sex offenders do repeat a lot until they actually have to go to prison.

As an example, the first time I saw a beat down was on my third day.  Two men came from behind me and launched an attack.  One grabbed the cho mo’s arms and held them while the other punched so hard over and over in the face that the cho mo coughed up blood and it came out through his cheek.  The guards accidentally filled his face full of mace instead of the attackers.  Oops!

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