Happy Holiday


[Note: there is a lag in Vince’s posts due to him having to mail them and Mom having to type and post them.]

Happy Labor Day! Today is a special day for prisoners. We get two meals instead of three and no recreation time, and no showers. But the same number of guards, if not more, are on duty. Who wouldn’t want to get time and a half?! Not even those of us on the cleaning crew get to leave our cells today. I am jealous of those lucky enough to have TVs. I would go steal one from the guy three cells down, here for sexual assault of his 16-year-old niece, but here they call that extortion. I would be punished rather than rewarded. I wonder if the COs tell people on the outside that they protect child molesters and rapists. Personally, I would be embarrassed.

I mentioned us only having two meals today. Well they are pretty big meals. Brunch consisted of one cup of cereal, 16 oz of milk, 8 oz of OJ, coffee (horrible), two English muffins, a cinnamon roll, two turkey-sausage patties, two slices of American “cheese”, scrambled eggs and what I think may have been an attempt at a potato-less corned-beef hash with turkey instead of beef. I feel fatter having written that. I do not know what dinner has in store for me but I know it is just as much.

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