Tick Tock Doc


Today I finally saw the Optometrist. I learned two things from him. One, that my astigmatism is what he called “rare,” meaning it is very rare to come across such an oblong set of eyes. Must run in the family. And two, that I had actually been scheduled to see him twice but was removed from the list because I am supposedly leaving this facility soon.

It takes roughly two weeks to get glasses once you’ve seen the doc. So I’m excited to be able to see again. And I am also thrilled to get the insider tip about my departure. If I get my red box today, that would mean I am going to Moose Lake Minimum until I am approved for boot camp. (A red box is the basic items prisoners are transferred with—to be described when I actually get one.)

I have, however, learned to not get excited about anything here until it actually happens. Even eating. If I think we will be fed lunch at 11:30, it won’t happen until 1. Since 2:30, my starting time for work, I have been in my cell all but 20 minutes. It’s only 3:15 with the majority of the days’ activities to come, but you see what good getting excited did me….4:00 and still in my cell….   And if I think I’m going to see the optometrist in July, it’s September…and so on. So for now, I’ll wait to shit my pants.

Tonight we get to go out to the big recreation area. That is where I get to let out all, if any aggression I have stored in me. Softball is by far my favorite activity here. Last week we were denied the opportunity because we were locked down. They never tell us why.

During a lockdown we are not allowed to leave our cells for any reason. No showers. No phones, nothing. Food is brought to us in traditional carry-out three-compartment Styrofoam containers, although I can assure you, you would never order the contents within.

Things can start to get stinky quickly without showers as there is no air flow and the temperature is usually 10-15 degrees warmer than it should be. People with money are lucky enough to buy fans for their rooms, while the rest of us enjoy the ability to take off our t-shirts, which still does not churn the air. Most days are worse than others but winter is on the way.

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