Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow


I got my last letter to Katie back in the mail today which means she is finally out of that horrible jail. I should find out soon if she’s free or back in prison somewhere else to finish out her term on her last charges.

I’m excited for her. She’s had a tough life. Yah, yah, yah, she’s made some bad choices. They didn’t affect you so keep it to yourself. She’s a good girl. And I truly hope she’s making good choices if she is out there. I love you, baby.

I learned a lot in one hour on the radio. Tomorrow’s forecast. Sale of the Century at every car dealership. Every day. My all-time favorite band is Pink Floyd. They haven’t put out an album since the 1900s. I believe they are all in their 70s. And they have decided to put out a new album. I mean…that’s pretty bold. If there’s even one song about world hunger, poverty, or something in the world being broken, let’s all get together and fix that, I’m gonna shit.

I have to complain about one thing. Although it is truly amazing to be able to drown out the sound of people yelling back and forth with music on my radio, the commercials are almost as bad. Carrier Air Conditioning uses professional baseball players, naturally from the MN Twins, to advertise for them. Comparing everything about Carrier to the sport. The service is a “home run,” and they’re going to “strike out” the old prices, and come meet the “rookie of the year” on the sales team! Get it? Do you get it? A home run is good. So the service must be good. But in all reality, and in comparison to it, a home run is actually very rare. A good season will yield 30, out of 600 at-bats. So what he’s saying is, five percent of the times you buy air conditioners in your life, you’ll get good service. Maybe that’s just how I see it. But I only looked at the facts. Fact is, I’m in prison. I shouldn’t complain, but I just did.

What I could say, and I will, is that the food here is a home run!

Fuck my life. I should have mentioned that it is against company policy to have a radio in your room if you didn’t purchase one from the canteen, which I did not. When electronics arrive they are engraved with the OID number and the offender’s last name. So my guess is my neighbor and I will be getting Loss of Privileges. I will find out soon. I went out only for five minutes to get my pill and I came back and it was gone. $17 that wasn’t even mine. These guards are assholes. I know I’m supposed to follow the rules. But I think it’s a little ridiculous. My neighbor has plenty of money. Wasn’t using his radio. And I have none, and he went out of his way to help out a fellow inmate. Well I suppose the right thing to do is take all of the LOP if they let me. He shouldn’t be punished for being kind.


1 thought on “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. sonniq

    Ouch! It doesn’t take much to lose your privileges. Most of the time the prison guards make things up and with no questions asked they through you in solitary. They will ‘try’ him in their court, and he doesn’t have to be there. If they found contraband on him it’s pretty much a promise he is in 23 hour lockup getting his food through a slot in the door. Sometimes inmates rat out another inmate who is guilty of nothing and he will get through in lock up just because he was accused. The inmate who does the accusing is doing someone else a favor. Jamie has done over 4 years in solitary, all because of guard lies.

    I know Vince has been in before, but the statistics are – 71% of all inmates who are paroled end up back in prison with 5 years, so the odds aren’t good. I just put a page on my website that talks about these statistics. http://mynameisjamie.net/offender-reentry-correctional-statistics/ This is one of the pages you get to by going to the menu button at the top of the site, under the hands.



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