50 Shades of Bored


I mentioned in a previous post that the tension was rising between the black gangs and there may be some gang activity sooner or later. Well that’s over. Now, because one dumb-ass white person used the N word, there is racial tension.

The most annoying person on my side of the unit happens to be black. This will change every week or so as people cycle through. He never shuts up. No exaggeration. And a part of me definitely wanted to yell, “Shut the fuck up!” but I never would have inserted that extra word at the end. It’s not my style. But I am white. So I am grouped in with the rest of them. So if he was loud before, it’s amplified and now he throws in big words like Cracker and Honky. He implied that all of our mothers like N dick. To that I shrugged my shoulders. Go get ‘em, ma!

For a Saturday night the unit is relatively calm. The day is almost done. The mellow methodical humming of the fans will become the lullaby that guides me to sleep. I will drift off into fantasies unknown and awake to the same day, every day, with only minor differences that simply appear to be noteworthy because of the setting. Only outside these walls does real life take place.

Sunday morning and the COs are doing cell searches. Including strip search. I wonder what they’re looking for. My guess, they have nothing better to do. They have never found anything harmful since I’ve been here. So they will use their “power” and take away our extra towels, then go home and beat their wives. Then go to the bar and brag about being…oops. I was interrupted and searched. My room was destroyed after they read the part above.

When I came back to my cell the guy says, “I read your letter. I’m gonna go home now and beat my wife.” And I blurted out, “I was right!” before he had a chance to retract. He was so pissed I could see his face change color. But there isn’t a thing he can do. Nothing was found in any of the 120 cells that stand tall in a giant cluster in the middle of the rectangular-shaped unit. But we are all aware that they are on the prowl. If any uprisings are planned, they have been thwarted for a least a couple days.

* The contents of this, and all previous ideas for blog posts, are entirely fictional. Any resemblance of characters or situations or prisons to those in the real world are coincidental. I do not condone or admit to any criminal activity herewithin.


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