Boring!  That’s the only way to describe my time here so far.  I got to choose a couple real winners from the seg book cart the other day.  When I asked the Native man about a couple authors I was interested in, he stared at me with his mouth wide open.  That’s it.  Just stared.  Eventually I pointed to a red one and a blue one, and he responded to that.  Unfortunately I only have 1,000 pages to last me until I get out of here.  On the up-side, I read terrible books really slowly!

A CO went around and knocked on a few doors asking if people wanted to use the phone.  I knocked on my side of the door and asked if I could use the phone.  He said, “No, not your day.”  No shit.

I’ve heard that Moose Lake is an old psych hospital. At the very least, it is an old hospital.  From what I saw of it four days ago, the outside is all red brick and barb wire.  The inside is very sterile.  White on white, all high-gloss, splatter-resistent walls.  I can’t wait to get out and explore.

In Moose Lake there is no controlled movement.  Once I get down to general population, I can just sign out and go to the gym.  And I can spend some extra time in the library once I get out of the hole.  Of course, this is all just hearsay.  I haven’t actually seen any of it with my own eye, yet.  Fuck.  Did I ever even mention that I’m a cyclops?  But don’t tell anyone.

I wrote a kite to the staff about not getting a phone call and within 10 minutes of receiving it they brought down a phone and apologized for their oversight!  I’m impressed.  I wrote the kite in a respectful manner and in turn I was treated with respect.  I think I like it this way.

I believe it’s Sunday.  I’m still in the hole.  I haven’t spent one second out of my cell since Thursday morning.  A CO asked me if I wanted recreation.  I said yes.  Five minutes later, my door unlocked and I stepped out into the common area with my shower stuff, my mail, and a lot of questions.  The common area is a room with one table, four seats.  That is all.  Nobody else.  I didn’t get to shower, send out my mail, or speak to another human.  After an hour of sitting alone at the table an angry voice yelled, “Recreation is over! Stand by your door!”  I did.  And I have declined recreation ever since.  Still no shower.  I need one.

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