I made it!  Right after breakfast they changed me out of solitary and took me downstairs to Unit 10, the best unit according to word of mouth.

Already I’ve heard good news.  People are going to Boot Camp early!  One guy said his letter told him April, and he’s locked in for February!

This place is massive.  Until I get a job, I’m only allowed out of my cell until noon, after my first day.  Once I have a job, I’m free to spend my day training or reading or really doing anything I choose.  So far I have chosen to take a really long shower, with all my own hygiene items.  And that was exactly what I needed.

Next step, figure out my schedule, then develop a routine.  I know sooner than later I have to get to the P90X workout.  Cardio is huge at Boot Camp, along with five miles per day, the P90X is used in winter.  Five miles is rain or snow or shine.  I’m a little nervous about getting started.  I know I can do it, it’s just a matter of keeping focused.  I have trouble keeping my thoughts on one activity for very long.

Or on one subject, for that matter.  Next subject.  Actually, I’ll continue on Lanesboro.

I have mentioned the town in previous posts, about working in a couple of the restaurants there.  Well that’s not all I did.

OK, sorry, I’ll have to get back to Lanesboro.  I did my first real cardio exercise in quite a while.  To qualify for Boot Camp, you have to be able to walk or run a mile in 14 minutes.  I failed, but not by too much.  I will try every day and I will improve.  I also played four games of volleyball.  So I kept my heart rate up for about an hour, and it felt pretty good.

I watched about five minutes of people doing the P90X thing.  All I have to say to the person that invented that is Fuck You.  Fuckin asshole.

Lanesboro is a town of 788.  It has been named the B&B Capital of America or some such shit.  So in the summer, the town can swell into the thousands.  10,000 or more for Buffalo Bill Days.  In the winter, however, almost everything closes down…except for the bars.

That’s where I learned that it’s okay to have six beers before breakfast, skip breakfast, and go straight to the bar to start getting a good buzz on.

Usually by noon I could be near blackout, eat a small lunch, then go home and take a nap. That way I could go out and get drunk with the evening crowd too.

Even on my work days I could show up fairly hammered as long as I could function.  I could even pull beers off the tap during the slow days of winter to keep a nice, even buzz.

Pause…Good news: It’s not the P90X that we have to do and practice.  It’s the Reebok Step video.  My apologies to the creator of the P90X workout.  I’m sure it’s a fine program.  For insane people.  My verbal assault was out of line.

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