Sprinting Toward Freedom


Tuesday: They cancelled my medication again. This time they said it was an accident, but they can’t do anything about it. I cannot sleep without medication because of Restless Legs Syndrome. I was awake until 4:30 am. Got up at 5:15. It’ll be the same tonight.

Wednesday: It was.

Yesterday, I ran a mile in under 10 minutes. 9:40, to be exact. Today, I went to the first of three boot camp orientation classes. In this one, one of the athletic trainers said that by the time we enter boot camp, he would like us to be able to run miles in under 7 minutes, and at least 3 miles in distance.

I looked around the room and saw some comforting expressions on some bewildered faces. The 350 pound rhino in front of me, still out of breath from raising his hand, asked if he should start walking now to get his heart rate good, which made little sense. I was happy to see that most people are far less prepared than myself.

I will say this, it may prove difficult for many guys in other ways. For example, we are required to speak proper English and refrain from using profanity. For the seven black guys in the group of 45 men in the class today, none were able to string together a real sentence. They will be doing a lot of pushups.

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