The Buzz


Drugs are my drug of choice. My most recent favorite was meth. And since most of you have never used it, I will try my best to describe what it does.

Meth is unique in that it can be ingested several ways, each giving a different sensation, along with the standard benefit of increased brain activity and being able to stay up for days at a time.

You can put it in your veins, in your lungs, up your ass, in your nose, in your stomach, and…well that about covers it.

I’ve never used needles; personal phobia. The rest I’ve done at least once.

When you snort it, it takes a few minutes to kick in, but it lasts a while. I preferred smoking it over a glass bubble. At head shops they call them incense burners, but I’ve never seen one used for that purpose. A bubble is a short (4-11”) hollow glass tube with a globe at one end, with a small hole in it. It is lit from the bottom, not through the hole (meth is explosive) and when it melts it produces sort of a steam-smoke which is of course inhaled.

The high is almost immediate. Sadly, toward the end of my run, I pretty much had to have the bubble in my hand if I was awake.

My favorite part was when the effects of sleep deprivation kicked in. Some people couldn’t handle it and they went crazy. I enjoyed the hallucinations and irrational thoughts. They would start at around Day Five.

Of course, after some time, your brain would sort of shut down and sleep would become necessary. More than a few times this happened while I was driving.

I have woken up airborne, backwards, and upside down while crashing four different cars, none of which I owned. Fortunately, I never injured anybody other than myself.

Looking back, they should have been some of the scariest moments of my life, but I was in such a daze at the time I just played it cool and worked with what I could. Three of the four cars were just fine. I returned them to their owners, gave them some “payment,” and went about my business.

Yes, I should have been injured. One time I woke up going backward at 70 miles per hour in the oncoming lane on a corner of Highway 52 during a snowstorm. Somehow, all I hit was snow, which slowed me down much slower than…say, a car. I had to come back the next day and I noticed the car was about three feet up in the air, snow packed in and around it. It took six people shoveling and two sets of chains but I drove it out.

2 thoughts on “The Buzz

  1. sonniq

    There is no button to follow this blog. You need the widget so people can follow you and have new posts show in their reader. Did you follow Kermit back to my blog and see it? What are your stats for that post now? I posted it at stumbleUpon and it brought you readers. I found some great pics for you. Ill send them in an email. There’s a really good one you can put at the top of your blog.


  2. shar jones

    Wow, I’m so glad you’re alive to share your story. I’ll never forget when my daughter first told me she had a problem with drugs. At first she said it was cocaine, then she broke down in sobs bent over at the waist. She said she lied just then, and muttered one tiny word that would turn my mind into a tailspin. “Meth…” she said.



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