Still Prison


10:45 pm

Another day done.  Tomorrow morning we run.  I still haven’t been able to go more than two laps, but that’s two more than I could have done 9 months ago.  I will give it my best shot tomorrow to go three laps, which is two miles.

The “A” run is a distant goal.  They run 7 laps, just under five miles, and they go fast.  Under eight minutes per mile.  I think I’ll be able to join them in two months.  We shall see.

5:53 am

Due to either weather or lack of staff there will be no running this morning.  This happens roughly half of our running days.  So we only get to do half of our aerobic workout which is why I’m writing now, sitting doing nothing.

On Friday we were allowed to go to the library for the first time since our arrival.  Only for ten minutes, we all (16 guys) scanned through maybe 500 titles, mostly religious.  I found two works of fiction to my liking: one I’ve read already during my incarceration. “Prey” by Michael Crichton, and “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, something I’ve read but don’t remember where or when.  I think maybe grade school.

So today (Sunday) during my down day, I spent a few relaxing hours in the barracks with my ear plugs in reading.  It was quite nice.  I needed it.

I also played a few games of cribbage, all of which I lost, with one of my friends that will be in St. Paul when I get out.  Then I caught up on ironing, polishing my boots and buckle, treatment work, and writing.

Today was rough.  Tomorrow will be rougher.

I finally broke my personal record for running.  I’m still struggling with it, but today I ran 2.1 miles.  That’s half of what is expected, but more than some people can do.

Also today we used the same little green scrubber pads we use for our belt buckles to scrub the baseboards in the gym.  Back breaking labor, I think it could be referred to as.  It wasn’t really that bad.

I’ve been here over a month now.  Man has it flown by.  Tomorrow is our first review.  We’re going to be yelled at, we’re going to be scolded.  And they won’t really say nice things.  But, hey, this is still prison.  And I still have a lot to work on.  153 days until the real test.

I really miss talking to my mother.  I think we were getting closer than we ever have been, quite frankly I think as a result of this blog.  I’ve wasted so many years away from my family.  I hope I can become as close to them as I should already have been.

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