Sticker Trippin’


I thought I would show you some of the envelopes that go back and forth between Vince and me. First, here is the standard return address on a letter from him. Just in case I’ve managed to keep his incarceration private from a few people, the DOC makes sure that the US Postal Service and my fellow neighbors in my apartment building know he’s in prison.

Return Address

I know, I know. I could be a battered woman who wants nothing to do with her abuser, who is locked away in Moose Lake. It just seems like most people are suspicious enough that they would see a letter from someone they don’t want to hear from, a mile off, without the use of MN CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. I mean really—all caps? Who uses those anymore unless they are angry?

On the positive side, here is the standard postcard they send. I like the tree, nice touch.


Here is a sample of a letter that was returned to me. Why? Because I used a return address sticker, apparently.

Return to Sender

Again, I understand that every one of these “rules”—I use quotation marks because they are enforced inconsistently—probably originated from some incident. In this case, the myth is that someone tried to send the offender LSD using address stickers. Apparently you might try to send LSD in lipstick, perfume, bubble wrap, white out, or even create a fake stain. It’s true that a lot of criminals are pretty imaginative.

Imaginative, but dumb. If you wanted to get high in prison, and I can understand why you would, would you really want to go on an acid trip? I’ve never dropped acid. If I were going to, I’d want to be in a lovely cottage in the countryside somewhere, where I could safely ponder bunnies and fawns.

Tripping in a prison cell? That’s one of the ways our clients where I work have been tortured. They’re shackled to a bed, forced to ingest acid, then tormented in an endless variety of ways.

1 thought on “Sticker Trippin’

  1. sonniq

    I had read a long ago about not using address labels so I never tried. I did send 2 postcards in a letter once and they would only let Jamie have one of them. One had writing on the back and the other didn’t. They wouldn’t let him have the one with no writing. Go figure. Did they think he’d send it out to someone? And if he did? I just thought he’d enjoy the photos. Decorate his wall maybe. Have you heard our read another blogger here who just published a book about her son in prison? It is very well done. “Waiting on the Outside” by Sharron Grodzinsky. You can find it on Amazon.



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