It’s Been A Good Run


For personal reasons, I have made the decision to move on from this blog and start out on my own.  I have no idea where or when I will start back up, but I do promise to make it soon.  I just need to figure out how to start a blog, and then start it.  I think first I will write in my journal for a while, then begin again independently.  Obviously I will keep everybody posted (pun intended) on when and where you can find my new blog. And in the mean time, you can follow me on Facebook.  Vincent Maertz is my name if you don’t already know.

Thank you for all of your support over the last 17 months. It has meant a lot to me that people actually like reading what I write.  Your comments have not gone unnoticed.  You can look forward to reading more about the next phase of my life as soon as I find a new format, and build up a little material.  Until then, be good.

Vincent Maertz

1 thought on “It’s Been A Good Run

  1. kappe004

    Hi Vince. Thank you for letting us know your plans. I have a website for my business and I struggled with the decision about a blog: Do I have enough to say? Do I have enough to say that adds value to the conversation? And then the guideline of posting at least twice a week (YIKES!) It is a daunting commitment which I decided I could not do justice to. I admire your commitment to date and wish you the best as you move forward.



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