Solitary, Still


It wasn’t always the hard stuff.

Shortly after I lost my job at the ice cream plant, one of my close friends wore a wire into my apartment and attempted to buy some meth from me.  Fortunately, I had been tipped off that his house had been raided not even an hour before he showed up.  I slammed the door in his face, and started thinking.  I had a standing offer to move to Fountain with an old friend and his girlfriend, and I took them up on it.  The first night there I started back up with my heavy drinking, and I didn’t stop until seven years later when I got into the hard stuff again.  But it was a fun seven years!

After one very trying month living in a trailer in Fountain with a man that couldn’t control his anger while drunk, which was all day every day, I moved a short distance to the town I was working in, Lanesboro.  **Pause**  If you ever get a chance to get a copy of the book, Inadmissible Evidence by Phillip Friedman, do it.  But before you read it, just go ahead and burn it.  Or if you want to know what it’s like in prison isolation, read it.  Thank you for your time.  **Play**

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